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Teacher/Administrator  Training

Seday Academy has specialized seminars and workshops for teacher and administrative training. These special events are tailored for a group of individuals here in the USA or Internationally. Our professional team is experienced in traditional to modern teaching techniques (including curriculum design). Seday Academy believes in ensuring concepts are understood and that there is a connection between teacher and student. 

Contact Seday Academy to see how we can accommodate your staff’s training needs. Administrative training seminars/workshops are designed to provide success-building techniques and strategies. Teacher training seminars/workshops will provide quality, modern training, and professional development from a wide range of teaching professionals.

Teacher Trainer
Esther Seday currently serves as Director of International Student Support. Esther holds two master’s degrees with education leadership and earns a principal license from Concordia University Chicago. She has over 18 years’ experience as an educator working in a variety of public and private settings with diverse student populations from early learners through University. Esther has served in several roles as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, staff developer, University field supervisor in education. Curriculum Director, Intern high school principal, and presenter.
Her responsibilities and expertise include curriculum and instruction, teacher evaluation, design professional development, State Data, and in Class Coaching. She has been active with the Ohio Foreign Language Association and the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages as an advisor and presenter. She does present at local, state, national, and world-wide attendance & presentations.


Administrator Trainer 

We work with individual administrator trainer to meet your needs.


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